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On the basis of modern technologies, the creation and putting into operation of the thematic cognitive – entertaining museum attraction “Museum of fairy tales”. In the game and popular form to attract attention of children and older people to the cultural heritage – the history of development, culture, art, creativity.1. Review1.1. The purpose of the projectThe purpose of this project can be conventionally divided into three components:The first component is a game as popular form to attract the attention of children and their parents to the fairy tale – its component, heroes of epics, the history and culture.The second component is simple in its essence, very unusual in its embodiment, noble in its idea – to create such conditions that the child himself wanted to change and become better! We will focus in the first place on the excellent merits and quality of the heroes of the legends.Thirdly, this project can bring together non-indifferent people with an active living position who are truly ready to serve the Man in the noble sense of the word. And throughout the existence of the museum, the concentration of such people around this project will steadily increase. We hope that with this collaborative work, these people will be given the opportunity to discover their rich inner world and realize their creative potential.The main tasks of “Museum of fairy tales”:

• Creation of a permanent exposition which gives the opportunity to immerse into a fairy tale;

• development of special stands-mockups for the visual presentation of the life of heroes in fairy tales;

• creation in harmonious conditions for family rest;

• developing programs, thematic lectures for children and adults;

• development and implementation in social programs for the extracurricular education of children;

• promotion in protection of nature and the environment;

• catering at the restaurant of the museum.

In the exposition of the Museum of Fairy Tales we will present the folklore of countries and world culture (more than 50 countries). Ancient and modern author and folk tales, literary works will be presented. We will also present to the attention of our guests illustrations and paintings of masters. Festivals and competitions with memorable awards, diplomas and gifts will be held regularly on the museum’s territory. The museum will be updated with inexhaustible information and exhibits of world folklore, including showing animated and other educational films on the screens.Sources of funding for the creation of the museum:Several financing options are considered:1. development of a joint project by several companies and funds; 2. obtaining a grant in specialized funds and public organizations; 3. inclusion in the city’s program of social development of the city search of interested businessmen, sponsors, patrons. The business plan considers such a project development option.Lease or purchase of the territory on which the museum (at least 50 years old) will be located, the total area of all premises on all floors is 1315 sq. m, terraces on all floors – 590 square. m, construction, the creation of exhibits, the purchase of equipment and the organization of the trade process.The option includes placing a restaurant, exhibits, sales outlets for souvenir products, and leased land areas for business partners.